General Information

1) Artwork
• Electronic e-mailed art files are the preferred method of
receiving artwork.
• All graphics and fonts must be vectored and files
converted for use on MS Windows platform. We can
accept the following vector file extensions: .AI – Adobe
Illustrator, .CDR – Corel Draw, .EPS – Encapsulated
Postscript or PDF – Adobe Acrobat.
• Print art should be received printed at 600 dpi. Scanned
images should be scanned at 300 ppi and saved as a
.JPG file.
• Artwork that is not suitable for our tooling process is
subject to cleanup at a rate of $40.00 (V) per hour.
• Color separations cannot be used in our process.

2) Changes and Cancellations
Charges vary according to the work completed.

3) Change of Surface Color (V) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$25.00
4) Change of Plastic color (V) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  $85.00

5) Change of Copy (V) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  $30.00
for products in same size category only.
Change of copy on ThermCuts and DCAs is not available.

6) C.O.D. Shipments/Export Shipments (V) . . . . . . . . $20.00

7) Confirmations
We require written confirmation of all orders. We cannot
be responsible for errors in items, quantity, color, copy
or shipping information when complete written order
instructions have not been received prior to shipment.

8) Larger Quantities
If your requirements are greater than quantities listed in
our catalog, please contact our office for a competitive
volume quotation.

9) Order Acknowledgement
All orders are acknowledged within 48 hours of receipt.
Please review our acknowledgement at once. Any
discrepancies should be resolved immediately in writing;
otherwise the order will be processed and invoiced exactly
as acknowledged.

10) Order Information
All prices are F.O.B., Northern Ohio Factory. Specify item
number, size, quantity, plastic color, raised surface color
and attachment.  Contact factory for less than minimum
order information.

11) Over or Underruns
Up to 5%. Orders for exact quantity subject to underruns.
All orders charged accordingly.

12) Packaging
All items are bulk packed except for plaques which are
individually poly-bagged and bulk packed.

13) Prices
Subject to change without notice.

14) Production time
New orders approximately 25 working days after approval
of artwork. Reorders approximately 15 working days.

15) Responsibility
We are not responsible for inability to fill orders due
to strikes, shortage of materials or labor, or any other
reasonable causes whatsoever. Our liability ends with
replacement of order. Returns without our authorization
are not acceptable.

16) Proof Approval
Please check the following: plastic color, print color, size.

17) Rush Charges
We will accept rush orders on a factory availability basis.
Please contact our office regarding availability and charges.

18) Setup Charges
First order only unless changes are made. Setups inactive
for four years will be destroyed and new setup charges will
be required when reordering unless prior arrangements 
have been made.

19) Shipping Information
Standard shipping is via UPS ground. Handling charges
will be applied when alternative shipping methods are
required. Drop shipments are $6.00 (V) per destination.
Shipping charges will include insurance at full value.

What if my shipment is lost?
The ownership of the items passes to the customer /
distributor once we hand them over to the carrier. 
We will do everything within our power to help you
with any situations you may encounter. All major carriers
have policies to these situations that you should investigate.

20) Split Shipments

$15.00 (V) and up to six months storage for 1000 pieces or
more. Orders must be paid in full when completed.

21) Trademarks
Berlekamp Plastic Ad-Line assumes that our clients are
authorized to use the trademarks presented to us for
reproduction. We assume no liability in trademark or
copyright disputes. Should we determine the product may
require a license to merchandise, we will require a copy of
your authorization.

22) Color Disclaimer
Due to inconsistencies of display monitor, the colors you
see on your screen may not be a totally accurate
reproduction of the actual colors used on our product. 

We strive to show our colors as accurate as possible. Be
aware that screen images are intended as a guide only
and should not be regarded as absolutely correct. We 
suggest you request a product sample to be certain of
the colors used in our process.